One of the products you can find at MCE 2024 is our KONDENSA LK SERIES. LK is a suspended, modulating, condensing warm air heater with low NOx emissions, with high efficiency of up to 108%. Caring for the environment, thanks to the premixed combustion system, which produces very low polluting emissions. The Apen Group

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Solution for every environment

Apen Group Heating and Cooling Systems are used in a wide number of economic sectors, the main ones of which include: ⚙️ Industrial facilities and factories 🏢 Offices and laboratories 📦 Storage warehouse and logistics facilities 🏭 Large environments 🚗 Car repair shops and auto body shops 🏪 Woodworking shops and tanneries ⛪ Place of

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Research and development in air conditioning

Apen Group operates in the sector of building products for heating and cooling, with consideration for Environmental Impact and Sustainability. They use different types of energy sources: gas and/or electricity. The different products are developed with technical characteristics and standards that are specific for the sector of application, and are sold, installed and utilised to

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LRP Example of installation in Storage Warehouses and Logistics Facilities

You can find our LRP Rapid Pro, Suspended Modulating Warm Air Heater, in the installation example in a warehouse, by clicking on the video below, with horizontal or vertical Terminal Flue, in this case in combination with our Queen Destratificator. We remind you that they can be regulated by our chronothermostats Smart X Easy

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AKN + AX Example of installation in Storage Warehouses and Logistics Facilities

You can find our AKN Series, Gas Condensing Boiler with our AX Water Fan Heater, in the installation example in a warehouse by clicking on the video below . This AKN model is designed to be installed outdoors, it avoid the use of spaces within the environment; in this case in combination with our

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Smart X Controls

Controls that are present on Apen Group products are available in 2 versions: Smart-X Easy and Smart-X Web. Programmable switch times with manual override facility and there are 3 different temperatures available: comfort, economy and frost. Thanks to the innovation you can control multiple heaters from one control, store heater information and record heater

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