We look forward to seeing you at MCE 2022

From from 28th June to 01st July, MCE - Mostra Convegno ExpoComfort offers national and international visitors a showcase of Companies in the heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and renewable energy sectors. A long-awaited event full of expectations, absolutely necessary to meet again in person, share the test of a coffee and the spirit of humanity. We

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Looking at the future, Apen Group has innovated its logo

The name Aermax makes way for a concept in graphic form. The symbol of infinity and the rounded shape is a strong suggestion, with a reference to continuity, serenity, reliability and innovation. The two graphic elements suggest the concepts of air, water, flow, attention to climate change, people's well-being, environmental protection: concepts strongly linked to

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Apen Group’s Code of Ethics

On last February Apen Group updated the Code of Ethics. It is a guide helping us to make our Mission and our Vison come true. It is dedicated to all of those who shared our story and our working life in Apen Group. It is the evidence of the fact that also people and not

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New Innovative Industrial Heating Product

‘The AKY & AX combination is a unique solution giving an alternative warm air heating choice for the installer and end user. The AKY is a wall hung condensing boiler designed for either internal or external mounting and when connected to the AX series, offers a decentralised warm air solution for those applications that prevents

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ApenGroup’s AKY industrial condensing gas boilers

ErP ready AKY series of condensing gas boilers and AX water unit heaters are a simple perfect combination for the heating of industrial and commercial facilities in a very efficient and cost saving way. QUEEN Air destratifacators support additional efficiency. Apen SmartEasy digital control allows a smart approach to manage the complete installation. Watch here

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Apen Group Showroom and Training Facility

Our Training Room is s setup with all modern equipment and facilities to provide quality technical education to current and new customers, with a clear focus on skill development.  Our Courses’ Programs includes subjects such as units’ Inspection & Quality Control, first start up, troubleshooting and Servicing Watch here our Facility video.  

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New Punching and Folding 4.0 Industry Machines

The new TRUMPH punching and folding machines 4.0 industry level, have replaced the previous automatic systems, these new tools joined with our robot welding technologies allow to monitor the production process, keep a very hight quality level and assure an efficient servicing program, please watch the video here:  

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Welcome Guest at Apen Group

Our Experts introduce our Technical and Quality Departments We are broadcasting our colleagues interviews to show our daily commitment on technical and trainings areas. RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT Introduced by our Export Sales Manager Christian Mancini. PRODUCT AND DESIGN Introduced by our Mrs Yulia Sokolova from our Export Department. TECHNICAL TRAINING Introduced by our Miss Silvia

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MCE 2020 postponed

MCE EXPOCOMFORT EXHIBITION postponed to new date: 8 -11 September 2020 in Milan Exhibition Centre. Reed Business exhibition’s organizer has issued the following release we want to share with you: “The health of our customers, partners and employees is our number one priority. With the recent development of the  outbreak  in  Italy,  especially in  Lombardy, 

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