Organisational, Management and Control Model

Since 2013, Apen Group has adopted an Organisation, Management and Control Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001 to prevent and combat the risk of committing the crimes envisaged by the Decree, including the risk of crimes committed against natural persons, as well as crimes environmental and corruption crimes. The adoption of this model does not

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DLL file for PCH

Apen Group is continuously making significant Improvements to its products in order to always guarantee the best possible Quality, to ensure an updated product and to improve the use and installation of products. We introduce you the new update of DLL file of our gas module PCH Series. The DLL File is intended to allow

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The management of Apen Group and control over the accounting administration are exercised through a traditional corporate governance system which includes a Board of Directors, a Board of Statutory Auditors and a Shareholders Meeting. Here the main and additional governance tools adopted: the Apen Group Articles of Association which, in addition to describing the activity

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LKH Control System

The LKH control system is regulated by our Smart X Web or Smart X Easy Chronothermostats. The functions are identical between the two models, the only difference is that it is possible to connect the Smart parameters and operation on the desktop.   Visit our website for more information:

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Dialogue with Stakeholders

Our value and principle have been built over the course of the company history and are the result of the passion and commitment to customers and suppliers, who have prompted the Company to pursue the path of excellence. The Company, places people (employees, customers and associates) at the centre of attention, considering the satisfaction of

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After an update by means of an internal materiality assessment, Apen Group has identified eight different categories of stakeholders, and is aware that identifying their expectations is a critical factor of success, especially in terms of defining its development strategies. Apen Group is aware of the influence, even indirect, that the performance of its activities

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Strategic business areas

The products offered by Apen Group fall into three main  Strategic Business Areas (SBA): Plumbing and heating sector with the distribution of products through resellers, with the assistance of a network of agents covering the entire supply chain: installer – reseller – heating technician Sports Sector: PK SPORT and AH Sport heaters, AKN boilers with

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