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Apen Group Heating and Cooling Systems are used in a wide number of economic sectors, the main ones of which include: ⚙️ Industrial facilities and factories 🏢 Offices and laboratories 📦 Storage warehouse and logistics facilities 🏭 Large environments 🚗 Car repair shops and auto body shops 🏪 Woodworking shops and tanneries ⛪ Place of

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Research and development in air conditioning

Apen Group operates in the sector of building products for heating and cooling, with consideration for Environmental Impact and Sustainability. They use different types of energy sources: gas and/or electricity. The different products are developed with technical characteristics and standards that are specific for the sector of application, and are sold, installed and utilised to

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Apen Group: Mission

Apen Group “Love for the climate”, is not just an emotional concept. Design and manufacture products for the air conditioning of buildings that stand out for their high quality and attention to the environment (low polluting emissions, high efficiency and reduced energy consumption), working with a team of people that share our passion, harmony, courage,

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Apen Group: Vision

We consider “Love for the climate” (environment, people, relationships, collaborations) our path towards excellence. Love for the climate is an ever-present vision that effectively represents the activities of Apen Group. It is an approach to the world of science, whose transparency and clarity we are seeking.

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Apen Group

    Apen Group, a story of love for the climate and energy savings, founded in 1967. A story of research, product and process innovation, constant search for cutting-edge solutions in the fields of technology, marketing customer service and collaboration with all stakeholders. Apen Group is a modern manufacturing company in the Heating Sector. It

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AX Example of Installation in Storage Warehouses and Logistics Facilities

You can find our AX Series, Water Fan Heaters, in the installation example in a Warehouse, with multiple installation option: wall-mounted with Heating Mode (models from 10 kW up to 70 kW), wall-mounted Cooling Mode (models from 5 kW up to 30 kW), in connection with our single or multiple boiler of AKN Series.

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