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Boiler with Water Fan Heater System

The AKY system consists of an outdoor condensing boiler that can be combined with indoor fan heaters. The project was developed with the aim of obtaining a high quality product in terms of both design and ecology. Ideal for medium to large environments with fire prevention restrictions.
The boiler with fan heater system does not require any special technical rooms for installation. In fact, in addition to being installed within the environment itself or in a technical compartment, the boilers can also be installed outdoors, thus eliminating the need to occupy functional space.
The modularity of the boiler with fan heater system allows the system to be better streamlined by dividing the heat output among multiple installed fan heaters.
Do not install where leakages of oils in the atmosphere (e.g.dietary fats) are present.
Do not use in particularly aggressive environments or with potentially corrosive atmospheres (for example in environments with animal or livestock farms) which can generate corrosion or rust on the metal parts of the unit heater components.
Do not use in extreme operating conditions or in any case outside the operating fields foreseen by the manufacturer.