• 1967 - The Origins: Thermovür

    thermovurThe great adventure of the company Thermovür begins. It is created with the aim of manufacturing and selling gas-oil and fuel-oil burners. Founder members are two brothers-in-law with the same name, “Rigamonti Angelo”, and “Rigamonti Angelo” with the assistance and professionalism of their father Emilio Rigamonti.

  • 1973 - Aermax

    foto-aermaxThermovür is flanked by the company AERMAX for the marketing of floor-standing warm air heaters and burners in foreign markets.

  • 1980’s - Research and extension of the range.

    The heating market undergoes quick changes: the booming house building industry and the increasing need of comfort urge the development of new and diversified products: floor standing boilers, wall boilers, gas burners, suspended gas-fired warm air heaters, gas radiators.

  • 1991 - Creation of the company APEN GROUP

    Thermovür and AERMAX merge into a single production and business unit, taking advantage of the skills, experience and know-how of both brands: thus creating the company APEN GROUP SPA.

  • 2000’s - Consolidation

    In 1998, the company launched the wall-mounted gas-fired modulating heaters series PLUS. They are EC-approved and feature high efficiency stainless steel exchangers, pre-mix gas burner and forced draught with low NOx emissions. The research and development effort connected with this product have enabled the subsequent designing of the KONDENSA heaters. In 2001 the company presents AQUASPLIT, an outdoor boiler with matching indoor blower.
    In 2008 APEN GROUP confirms its technical knowledge in the air handling industry launching KONDENSA heaters, (wall-mounted condensation warm air heaters), air handling central units, and Roof Top standalone units with built-in condensing exchanger.

  • 2015 - Towards New Goals

    We are in continuos evolution. The market experiences and difficulties have made us stronger and more committed to face new challenges, new technologies, new countries. We aim to defend the values we believe in to improve the environmental comfort, the care for people, the good use of energy. We aim our company to contribute to a better future!

  • 2017: Apen Group celebrated its 50th anniversary

    Apen Group has celebrated the 50th anniversary from its foundation at the “Museo Storico Alfa Romeo”, where three floors full of history try to connect past, present and future.

    The event highlighted the evolution of a family company where two pioneers partners, both bearing the same name and surname “ Angelo Rigamonti “, began their adventure in 1967, with courage and great enthusiasm.

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