Generatore di aria calda Serie Kondensa

Suspended Condensing

and Modulating Warm

Air Heater

Research and Innovation for Heating Technology

Settore industriale e terziario

Industry and Tertiary Sector

Air destratificators, Water fan units, Suspended condensing warm air heaters and Floor standing warm air heaters with very high efficiency.

Scambiatori di calore a Gas

Gas Modules for Industrial Processes and AHU

Innovative gas heat exchangers for process plants, coating, drying, air handling units and roof top.

Palestre e coperture sportive

Gyms and Sports Domes

Monoblock unit heater, Floor standing warm air heater specially configured to heat gyms and sports domes, (tensostatic roof coverings and pressostatic structures).

Art, imagination and beauty in the historic Italian city of Bergamo

The prestigious painting Museum Accademia Carrara, will exhibit the Painting “The Resurrection of Christ” (1492–93)  by Renaissance Master Andrea Mantegna, found after nearly a century in storage.
The painting was discovered by a curator at the Accademia Carrara in Bergamo, Italy.

Have a unique experience visiting the exhibition and the painting collection from 25-04 to 21-07-2019, to live the dream of the Renaissance age.


A BIM Object is a 3D digital model of a phisical product, which contains dimentional and general features data, geometry and certificates.

On BiMOBJECT Web Portal, you will find our product’s models ready to be downloaded to be integrated in your design project’s working processes, in order to share, simplify and accellerate the design time.

You can download our BiMObjects at the following Link:


APEN GROUP S.p.A. is a leading manufacturer of heating systems, and offers a wide range of products: condensing boilers, condensing heat exchangers, suspended warm air heaters, and floor standing condensing warm air heaters.
Apen Group has always been an innovation leader thanks to constant product and process development, and continuous research of advanced solutions in technology.

Logo-50esimo-engWE ARE THE HYSTORY

Apen Group has celebrated the 50th anniversary from its foundation at the “Museo Storico Alfa Romeo”, where three floors full of history try to connect past, present and future.

The event highlighted the evolution of a family company where two pioneers partners, both bearing the same name and surname “ Angelo Rigamonti “, began their adventure in 1967, with courage and great enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm and dedication have always been totally imparted and shared by the rest of the family later involved in the company, by the staff and by all collaborators.

Happy anniversary Apen Group and the best wishes for a present
and a future into the excellence which may contribute to the apreciation
of the italian factories.

Contact us for any information required.

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