PKN Series Standard

PK-N Floor standing heaters.

Floor standing heaters, suitable for gas or oil burners.  Ideal for heating medium and large sized areas.

Why choose PK-N ?

  • Reliability
  • Quality
  • Technology
  • Ecology
  • Security
  • Advanced construction methods.

Apen Group has designed the new series of floor standing heaters PK-N, in order to improve the technical performances and consequently the safety, the efficiency and the quality, the requirements of customized solutions and respect for the environment.

PK are available in four different configurations:

  • PKA-N: floor standing warm air heaters for indoor installation (vertical/horizontal layout).
  • PKE-N: floor standing warm air heaters for outdoor installation (vertical/horizontal layout).

Available in 4 Different Configurations:

Generatore di aria calda serie PKN

Vertical version for indoor installation


Generatore di aria calda serie PKR

Vertical version for outdoor installation


Horizontal version for indoor installation


Horizontal version for outdoor installation