On last February Apen Group updated the Code of Ethics.

It is a guide helping us to make our Mission and our Vison come true.

It is dedicated to all of those who shared our story and our working life in Apen Group.

It is the evidence of the fact that also people and not only products are the real core and driving force of the company.

It is the picture of who we are and of what we do.

Making our working environment a safe and well-organized place thus making our job easy.

Instilling harmony among colleagues, increasing the collaboration.

Instilling the sense of responsibility and a relationship of trust with the whole company.

Instilling loyalty, transparency, honesty, respect for the rules, for the environment and for the people.

We do not work only for ourselves, we work to satisfy or customers, suppliers and all of those who heat working places by means of our products.

We will succeed and have satisfaction.