Some Observations with Paolo Rigamonti, Apen Group’s Board Member.

Apen Group has been attending ISH exhibition in Frankfurt for more than 25 years, in 2019 the exhibition will occur from 11th to 15th March (web site

Every year ISH represents an important appointment, being the cornerstone of marketing strategy as the best showcase to introduce our latest technologies into the international market.

Showing Apen Group’s products in this site is a very important goal, pushing and motivating all year long to keep us updated with the technological evolutions in order to develop innovative products adequate to the request of our trade partners, and above all to satisfy end users expectations.

On the other side, we cannot forget that ISH consists in an important occasion to strengthen our international trade relationships, both by meeting new partners and increasing our brand’s visibility.

During the exhibition days, as well as during all the year, Apen Group manages its own presence on the international market by agreeing collaborations with several partners, distributors located both in West and East Europe up to Russian Federation. Moreover, Apen Group is directly present on French market by means of a joint-venture.

In this way we organised our presence abroad because international markets are extremely demanding quality products and long-term liability preferring direct and local relationships.
Our products are well-known abroad thanks to the remarkable effort done by the company in the last year on the fields of Research & Development and of Manufacturing and thanks to the commercial ability of our local partners, carefully trained by Apen Group.

Apen Group’s news at ISH

This year at ISH we are going to show the new hybrid heating pump exploiting renewable energy in the environment by granting high energetics saving.

Moreover we will show also our new AH monobloc heating unit with Premix Condensing burner and low NOx emissions, about which we will write more diffusely in the next days.

Apen Group’s future after ISH

Surely Apen Group will follow developing the products, committing to 4.0 Industry philosophy and using technologies in order to support product’s control and development as instance with 3D printing.
In facts the use of these kind of technologies leads to an accelerated innovation process and to further improving of quality standards.

<<We are extremely certain that electronics at the service of the user is the strongest incentive to improve both user experience and energy saving in our products>> Thus said Paolo Rigamonti.

We look forward meeting you at ISH in Frankfurt from 11th to 15th March 2019 

Hall 11.0, Booth G20.