Aermax AX is a water fan unit heater that generates hot air into indoor environments and can be matched with heating/cooling systems.
AX-EC has been designed to create innovation, lower energy consumption and better comfort with the electronic axial fan with integrated inverter.
With these devices you have a primary energy saving of the heat generator in terms of electrical absorption of about 20-30%.
Comfort is guaranteed by adapting the air flow rate to the thermal load, also achieving greater efficiency from this point of view.
The Apen Group’s electronic water heater is managed by the Smart control.  Smartweb is able to modulate the speed of operation according to the request of the environment.
Ventilation rate is adjusted according to the needs; the ignition, the shutdown and the air flow regulation rate is done with signal 0-10 Vd.
Supply voltage is 230 Volts single-phase.
The data plate placed on the fan door panel, contains all the data necessary to identify the model of the heater.
The installation is very easy and on the instruction manual there is a guide for hydraulic and electrical connections.
A series of accessories add more possibilities:
The condensate drip tray,
The twin ranked fins kit,
The electric panel kit with the Smartweb control and the Carel Ntc probes kit which are installed on the pipe line.
Apen Group air heaters make the difference because fans are equipped with inverters and the Smartweb produces a saving in operating costs and a better technical comfort in the environment and a better management of the system.