Monoblock system with integrated boiler and heat pump.

Unique system with integrated Smart control allowing to optimize the energy production according to the outdoor temperature and the current needs of users. By means of the electronic board and the user’s interface, the integrated management system in AquaPump Hybrid allows to perceptively optimize the energy production of the two systems composing the machine, adjusting it upon the outdoor temperatures and the need of the user at the time. The flexible regulation of the system allows to use this technology both for high temperatures plants and for medium-low temperature plants. For high temperatures plants, we especially designed an air blower featured by wide exchange surfaces with high-efficiency coils, double fan with speed control, electrical brushless motor in direct current and condensate tray for the cooling operation.

Outdoor unit, designed for the output of warm and cold water by means of renewable energy for industrial and commercial plants.
The system combines the high efficiency of condensation technology (34 kW boiler with modulating premix burner in NOx class 6 stars) and the performance of a new generation air-water heat pump working with inverter technology at 14 kW for warming and 12 kW for cooling.

AquaPump Hybrid has been selected by the Scientific Committee of MCE 2016, chaired by University Politecnico di Milano.