AKY Boiler and Aerotherm

Outdoor condensing water boiler with connected indoor water fan units.

Aquakond AKY is the ideal solution for heating buildings where norms don’t allow indoor installation of direct-exchange heating systems and strict regulations on fire prevention apply to workshops, woodworking plants, printing sites, textile and paper manufacturing plants, public and commercial buildings.

Aquakond AKY is a new innovative condesing bolier for outdoor or indoor installation, it features a condensing boiler including a burner with low NOx emissions and indoor blowers. It is available in the power of 34kW, 50 kW,  70kW and 100kW, with premix burner technology and efficiency up to 109%.

Aquakond AKY boilers can be connected to AX water unit heaters.
The project has been designed and built with the goal of obtaining a high quality product in terms of Technology, Design and Ecology.

Combustion efficiency can reach 109% (4 stars according to the Boiler Efficiency Directive 92/42/EEC and compliant with Directive 2010/31/CE) and assures consistent fuel savings if compared to traditional, non-condensing systems. Compliance with Commission Regulation 813/2013/UE (ref. art. 3).


Class A.