Generatore di aria calda Serie Kondensa

Suspended Condensing

and Modulating Warm

Air Heater

Suspended Warm Air Heaters

Kondensa Series

Suspended condensing and modulating warm air heater with efficiency up to 108%

Plus Series

Suspended modulating warm air heater with very low polluting emissions.

Rapid Series

Suspended warm air heater TWO STAGES, simple and easy to use.

Water Aerotherm and Destratificator

Generatori di Aria Calda Aerotermi AX

AERMAX AX: Water fan units

Deliver hot air for industrial and other large-size buildings.

Destratificatori Queen

QUEEN Air Destratificator

Designed to reduce air stratification and uniform the temperature of the environment.

PK Floor Standing Warm Air Heaters and Burners

Generatore di aria calda serie PKR

Serie PK-K Condensing high efficiency heaters

Condensing floor standing warm air heaters with very high efficiency.

Generatore di aria calda serie PKN

Serie PK-N Standard

PK-N Floor standing heaters.

Renewable Energies and Condensing Boilers

Caldaia a condensazione Aqua Pump

AquaPump Hybrid

Monoblock system with integrated boiler and heat pump.

AKY Boiler and Aerotherm

Outdoor condensing water boiler with connected indoor water fan units.

Sistema di rinfrescamento Aircooling


Adiabatic Evaporative Cooler