GH Series Standard

Gas Heating Modules for Air Handling Units and Rooftop.

Apen Group has designed heat exchanger module GH, with its lightweight framework in galvanized sheet, supplied without fan assembly and panels. It is designed to fit into air handling units and rooftops as heating unit.

GH Modules heat output goes from 24 to 1170 kW. For higher values, several heaters must be combined. They can be assembled in series or parallel layout, to reach the required output.

In addition, the GH modules can be used on all air heating equipment for industrial processes: dryers, air renewals, industrial ovens, coating and painting processes, drying of food processes, drying processes for components, textile and clothes drying, ceramics drying processes, heating in concrete making for construction industry, agricultural products drying as for cereals and tobacco.


Apen Group has designed and developed two different series:

  • GH standard version: efficiency up to 94%, for gas and oil burners.
  • GH-K condensing version: efficiency up to 102%, and minimum efficiency of 92%, only for the installation of gas burners (burner with modulation or two stage are suggested).