Exchanger Module EMS-K

Condensing Gas Heating Modules for Air Handling Units and Process Plants.

Apen Group has designed to be installed on air handling and roof-top units air ducts as heating equipment. In addition, each module can be assembled into any kind of equipment where air needs to be heated (dryers, blowers, industrial processing plant etc). Heat exchangers can be produced in special thickness and stainless steel materials suitable for the specific process heating application.

In addition, the EMS modules can be used on all air heating equipment for industrial processes:  dryers, air renewals, industrial ovens, coating and painting processes, drying of food processes, drying processes for components, ceramics drying processes, textile and clothes drying,
heating in concrete making for construction industry, agricultural products drying as for cereals and tobacco.

The EMS module is particularly suitable for installation in plants with downstream positioning and external to the machine. The EMS modules are composed by: heat exchanger, safety thermostat (limit), fan thermostat, aluminum supporting frame and double insulated panels made of external precoated galvanised sheet iron panel with glass fiber insulation.


Apen Group has designed and developed two different series:

  • EMS standard version: efficiency up to 94%, for gas and oil burners.
  • EMS-K condensing version: efficiency up to 102%, and minimum efficiency of 92%, only for the installation of gas burners (burner with modulation or two stage are suggested).