Our Company

Azienda Apen Group: caldaie a condensazione e scambiatori di calore

The Company

Since its foundation, in 1967, APEN GROUP has been playing a leading role as a manufacturer of HVAC equipment. Its original name was Thermovür and its main task was to produce environment-friendly burners and equipment for residential and industrial heating. In 1973, AERMAX, a sister company, was created. AERMAX’s aim was the production of warm air heaters.

In 1991 the two companies merged in present APEN GROUP SPA (APEN stands for the Italian of Companies for New Energies).

Environment protection is essential for present and next generations’ quality of life.


Apen Group’s challenge is investing in research and development activities which grant the design and the production of environment friendly products. Such a concern is well resumed in the current slogan “Apen Group caring for environment” and it involves the all company organization: from research of suppliers and partners who share this same goal, to staff personnel, natural source optimization and definition of any prevention control and correction so to respect the fixed quality goals and environment deference.

Our Mission

Designing, manufacturing and marketing of HVAC products that stand out for their quality and for their compliance with environmental standards. Our R&D staff is deeply committed to the setup of products that assure low polluting emissions, high efficiency and minimum consumption, thereby assuring optimum heating and conditioning, from small residential spaces to large industrial buildings.


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Technology Excellence

A highly trained team of skilled designers and researchers follows each step of product design and implements leading-edge technical and manufacturing solutions. Our engineers are members of defining committees for UNI-CIG norms.

Our R&D Department includes a fully equipped laboratory where products undergo thorough working and combustion tests. Lead-edge testing equipment are used to submit gas- and oil-fired appliances to deep and careful checks, simulating the hardest working conditions.

Manufacturing Excellence

Each product is tested, checked, and commissioned to guarantee that combustion parameters, efficiency levels, and component reliability fully comply with quality standards required for user comfort and satisfaction. The manufacturing of our products takes advantage of ultimate, state-of-the-art planning and organization methods, which include:

  • Digital control equipment.
  • Welding robots.
  • Forming robots.
  • Computer assisted test lines.

Advanced automation assures top-quality products as well as manufacturing flexibility and timely deliveries. Innovation, reliability, and originality are built-in features of each of our products