AH DOC Monoblock unit heater

Designed to heat sports halls, swimming pools, exhibitions buildings, air domes.

Apen Group has designed a new series of AH-DOC Heating Units specifically dedicated to sport facilities: pressostatic and tensostatic structures – swimming pools – exhibition halls – public entertainments. The esthetical aspect is particularly accurate and the aluminium profiles connecting panels harmonize the rigidity of the geometric shapes.
The heart of the unit is the PCH heating module, controlled by an electronic board managing displaying of faults, the start, stop, and modulation of the premix burner.

The PCH module has the peculiarity of functioning in modulating mode; that is the delivered heat output and consequently the heat input (fuel consumption) change according to the heat request. By reducing the heat request in the ambient, the heater consumes less gas increasing its efficiency up to 105%) (Efficiency on Hi).

The movement of the air is managed by a plug fan at high efficiency powered by direct current with integrated frequency control. Airflow may change and it can be set through a potentiometer, located inside the warm air heater.